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January 06, 2015

Here’s some details on The Messengers, shared by Yahoo TV.

The Messengers (The CW)
The 30-Second Pitch: The drama begins with a meteorite crash, which sends out a pulse that seemingly kills and resurrects five people — all of whom wake up with unusual powers. “This is a show all about faith, regardless of religious beliefs or differences,” says showrunner Trey Callaway. People have to “find faith in themselves. They often have to find faith in complete strangers, and sometimes, find faith in powers that are far greater than themselves.”
With Great Powers… : Like any superhero, the five main characters will discover that their gifts come at a cost. Not only that, those gifts weren’t randomly bestowed. “Each of those gifts is custom-tailored to that specific messenger,” says Callaway. And though they seemingly have nothing in common, “Destiny has been flirting with each of them as well.” — KW

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