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Shantel VanSanten Interview with Civilian Magazine

Shantel VanSanten Interview with Civilian Magazine

“I never thought of acting as a viable career option. I think when we’re raised in certain cultures and ways of thinking, we only know what we’re exposed to. I didn’t really grow up watching TV and movies, but now I feel really lucky to be able to do it,” says actress Shantel VanSanten, 34. The charismatic star, born in Minnesota and raised in Texas, didn’t know any actors or actresses growing up. Originally starting out as a model in “Seventeen and JCPenney catalogs,” she slowly made a transition to acting after being persuaded by her agent. Eventually moving to Los Angeles, VanSanten realized her passion for acting and has found immense success in her acting career. “It still feels like such a shock that I get to do something that just used to be a hobby and is something that I love,” she adds. The model-turned-actress has had an array of roles, and has starred in a number of shows, such as One Tree Hill, The Flash and Shooter. More currently, she has been in the role of Karen Baldwin on the new Apple TV+ drama series For All Mankind, set in an alternate reality exploring if it had been the Soviet Union that had landed the first human to walk on the moon 50 years ago.

VanSanten is not only a hard-working actress, but she’s also a philanthropist and impassioned advocate for lung-disease awareness. She first got involved with the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative, after the untimely passing of her beloved grandmother. “My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and we didn’t understand why. In my mind, we associate lung cancer with smoking, and she was a non-smoker. That was an ignorant thought,” she recalls. “After doing much research, I found out it’s the number-one cancer killer, not only because of smoking, but of pollution, radon, and so many other causes, and anybody can get it.”
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January 2020 Event Additions

January 2020 Event Additions

New photos of Shantel at events held earlier this month have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Shantel VanSanten Interview with Thrive Global

Shantel VanSanten Interview with Thrive Global

Actress Shantel VanSanten has appeared on a variety of hit shows throughout her career, from One Tree Hill to The Flash, and she’s now playing NASA astronaut Karen Baldwin on Apple TV+ ‘s For All Mankind, a series that reimagines the Space Race. The show’s plot offers a refreshing celebration of failure by exploring what the United States could have actually gained from losing the race. VanSanten tells Thrive that the show has helped her come to terms with – and reframe – her own failures. VanSanten encourages people to use their failures as an opportunity to evolve. “Life will change you on its own – circumstances force you to face fears, trials stretch your heart, and triumphs allow you to propel,” she tells Thrive.

In her Thrive Questionnaire, VanSanten talks about her experience with the transformative powers of gratitude.

Thrive Global: You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?

Shantel VanSanten: I would like to become the person who instantly says: “meditate.” But more realistically, I would sit and eat some good food. I feel my days are always so hectic, and having a meal isn’t always possible unless it’s while I am driving. So truthfully, I would take a moment to pause and stuff my face.

TG: Your new Apple TV+ show, For All Mankind, tells the story of an alternate universe where Russia beats America to the moon. Has the storyline of the show taught you anything about failure?

SV: Yes. While I am terrible at it and so afraid of it, so much can be gained from “failing.” More lessons and growth come from these moments than those where we succeed or win! If we don’t fail sometimes, we don’t learn, and then we don’t evolve. To me, I am not living unless I am evolving.
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Shantel VanSanten Interview with Imagista

Shantel VanSanten Interview with Imagista

Shantel VanSanten has one of those faces that can launch one thousand ships. But, after chatting with her, it was evident that she is so much more than a pretty face.

Shantel Van Santen is a storyteller. Her journey in this industry bagan at a young age,where she did catalogue work and commercial work. From there, her career turned into a story of its own. Playing in projects like “The Boys” and “For All Mankind”, VanSanten has managed to captivate viewers and inspire fans.

Imagista: What came first, acting or modeling?

Shantel VanSanten: Modeling came to me at a young age working for catalogues and doing commercials, but I was also a very creative kid. As an escape and an outlet I was in theatre classes and camps quite often. I am grateful for modeling jobs, but it was something I was fortunate to do to make money and never was a serious career choice.

Imagista: Both acting and being a model have to do with your ability to tell stories, have you always considered yourself a storyteller?

Shantel VanSanten: Of course telling stories is what I live for. To discover characters and uncover how to connect myself to them. To escape into another life, another brain, another human, another time… it feeds my soul.
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Shantel VanSanten Interview with Los Angeles Times

Shantel VanSanten Interview with Los Angeles Times

In actress Shantel VanSanten’s converted garage, one very special piece brings people together, amid all her curated collectibles with their own meaningful stories.

When it came to finding her 2,200-square-foot San Fernando Valley home earlier this year, the choice weighed heavily on where to fit a 10-foot, half-ton section of tamarind wood from Southeast Asia, which serves as a table for 10.

“If it didn’t fit somewhere then I knew it wasn’t the right place,” said VanSanten, 34, who stars in Apple TV+’s “For All Mankind” and Amazon Prime’s “The Boys.” “I had a base built by Big Daddy’s Antiques and a friend designed the benches. It will be a family heirloom forever.”

The barn-like space features black walls, white concrete floors and pine posts and beams, with myriad vintage objects and custom-designed items throughout the space.
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‘For All Mankind’ 1.01-1.06 Screencaps

‘For All Mankind’ 1.01-1.06 Screencaps

HD screencaps of Shantel in episodes 1.01-1.06 of For All Mankind have been added to the gallery. Enjoy the new additions and look for more to be added soon.

‘The Boys’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer

WARNING: Much like the show itself the below video features a good amount of blood and some gore so I’m just putting a warning here in case that’s not your jam.

Otherwise, please enjoy the bloody new teaser for an awesome show that I can’t wait to return. Season 1 was SO good and I, for one, am excited that Shantel will be featured more in the new season.